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Employer Spotlight
The Employer Spotlight describes employers' successful practices for outreach, recruitment, hiring, and accommodating workers with disabilities.

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Company Name:
Type of Industry:
Information Technology - Enabled Business Solutions
Number of Employees:
Approximately 91,000

Strategic Sourcing Results In A Competitive Marketplace Edge


The focus of this case study is CSC's proactive approach to develop employees with a specialized technical skill and ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities in the opportunity. CSC created an academy to teach the specialized skill and partnered with a consulting company that specialized in sourcing job candidates with technical skills. As a result individuals with disabilities not only received valuable training but progressed from temporary positions to full time permanent CSC employees.

Case Study

CSC has a longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion, particularly in the area of employment of people with disabilities. Over 13 years ago, CSC entered into a strategic partnership with Bender Consulting Services, Inc., to provide competitive employment to entry-level professionals with disabilities. Since entering into the CSC/Bender Partnership for Freedom, CSC has been able to provide employment opportunities to people with disabilities in areas such as information technology, finance, accounting, human resources, engineering, business and other related fields across the United States and in two provinces of Canada, Quebec and Ontario.

As a part of the partnership, consultants work on assignment at CSC through Bender Consulting, for a minimum of six months, and are eligible to become direct employees of CSC at the end of their assignment, pending acceptable performance. CSC has been nationally recognized for its efforts, with Russ Owen, President of CSC's Managed Services Sector, receiving the 2009 Justice for All Award from the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and CSC's distinction as a New Freedom Initiative Award winner from the U.S. Department of Labor in 2005. CSC has been honored with numerous other state and local awards, and its employees with disabilities have consistently been recognized for strong performance.

In 2010, CSC was seeking talented professionals with Remedy skills to perform critical work for its clients. Because Remedy is a specialized technical skill, CSC decided to take a proactive approach to grow and nurture this talent while providing employment opportunities across the globe. CSC established and executed a Remedy Academy in the United States in Blythewood, South Carolina and in Vietnam to train entry-level employees in Remedy technology to support its client accounts.

In the United States, CSC worked with Bender Consulting to fill its Remedy Academy with entry-level professionals with disabilities, including veterans with disabilities. During the training academy, participants combined classroom instruction and hands-on learning that would prepare them to utilize Remedy as CSC's tool of choice in handling customer calls, managing alerts from their systems, and ensuring fulfillment of customer requests. Following completion of the Remedy Academy, these Bender consultants went on to become direct associates of CSC, as part of the Global Enterprise Service Management team, where they now provide quality service to CSC's clients.

"Many of the folks on this team are used to overcoming challenges in their day-to-day lives, but they don't let barriers get in the way of their success. It's this same tenacity, passion, and ingenuity that enables them to deliver amazing results, "says Tracey Laurence, Vice President, Global Enterprise Service Management.

The Remedy Academy serves as a best practice example of how CSC's commitment to diversity, inclusion, corporate responsibility, and the competitive employment of people with disabilities intersected with its business objectives. The Remedy Academy was not only the right thing to do for people with disabilities, it also made good business sense; it gives CSC a competitive edge in the marketplace.