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Posting Jobs

Recruitment through Online Job Posting Boards

Job posting websites are one tool in a multi-tiered approach to recruiting job seekers with disabilities and can help employers:

  • Expand their applicant pool
  • Conduct targeted recruitment of applicants with disabilities
  • Find qualified applicants with disabilities in all industries and locations
  • Achieve diversity benchmarking goals

These online job boards are geared toward job seekers with disabilities and are great places to advertise job announcements. Please note there may be fees associated with job posting.

Job posting boards for Veterans with Disabilities:


Other Resources

Recruit Military <>
Recruit Military is a veteran-owned and-operated firm specializing in military-to-civilian recruiting and provides resume search and job posting resources for employers. Recruit Military uses online and offline products to connect employers, franchisers, and educational institutions with men and women who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life, veterans who already have civilian work experience, members of the National Guard and reserve forces, and military spouses.

Job Description Writer<>
This Job Description Writer developed by the American Job Center Network provides guidance on building meaningful job descriptions for hundreds of positions. It provides step-by-step statements on tasks, work activities, work context, skills and knowledge, and tools and technology that can be used to form the basis of job descriptions.

Workplace Diversity <> is a job search web site for Corporate Recruiters who are seeking experienced diverse talent. This website creates a connection between companies that support diversity and experienced, distinct candidates by providing one location for recruiters to post open positions for a fee.

American Job Center Network<>
The American Job Center Network is a source for employment information sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor and includes tools to help job seekers, students, businesses and career professionals. If you are an employer looking to hire people with disabilities and/or veterans with disabilities, use this website to find your local American Job Center by entering your zip code. Once you have found your local branch, ask for the the Disability Program Navigator (DPN) or the Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) to speak to them directly about qualified applicants with disabilities.

Ability Jobs <>
Ability Jobs provides searchable resume and job postings capabilities for employers interested in recruiting candidates with disabilities. The database includes the resumes of tens of thousands of job seekers with disabilities, from entry level candidates to those with Ph.D.s.

One More Way<>
One More Way is an ‘open source’ employment initiative that makes information regarding Job Seekers with disabilities, and the programs that support them, available for use by hiring managers in virtually any industry across the country.

Hire Disability Solutions <>
Hire Disability Solutions connects employers to potential job candidates with disabilities through resume and searchable job postings.

Page last updated on Tuesday, February 25, 2014