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Calendar of Events

Month: February, 2015
Date Title
February 18
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
Webinar | Jo Linda Johnson

JAN Webcast: Promoting Employment of Individuals with Disabilities in the Federal Workforce

  • Description: Questions will be taken and answers provided that will enlighten attendees on reasonable accommodation procedures, accommodation requests, interactive process, undue hardship, and conduct rules and job performance. This session will focus on the Rehabilitation Act, and the speaker will respond to the concerns most commonly raised by those implementing Federal Sector requirements related to employing individuals with disabilities. Attendees can take this opportunity to send in their questions to!
  • Speaker: Jo Linda Johnson, Civil Rights Director, Office of Civil Rights & Liberties, Ombudsman and Traveler Engagement, Transportation Security Administration.

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February 25
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
Webinar | T.J. Schlouski

An upcoming Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP) webinar will address accessibility in Microsoft Word. This is ATAP’s second in a four-part webinar series on accessibility basics, and the presenter will be T.J. Schlouski from the Illinois Assistive Technology Program. Future topics include accessibility in PowerPoint and multi-media products.

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