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Month: July, 2015
Date Title
July 9
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
Webinar | Darren Bates
Today, disability inclusion is something companies can and must consciously choose. That’s because we’ve reached, to borrow from author Malcolm Gladwell, the “tipping point.” What started as a policy-driven issue—stemming from legislation, most notably the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 but also the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as Amended—has now become a market-driven issue, or really a market-driven imperative. Smart companies know that people with disabilities represent a growing market, and, as with any customer segment, one of the best ways to tap into it is to ensure it is represented in your workforce.

In this webinar, participants will learn how companies recognized as top employers for people with disabilities actively work to align disability inclusion with their corporate goals and use it to strengthen their brand, both internally and externally. They will also learn strategies federal contractors covered by Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act are using to actively foster an environment in which people feel safe to self-identify as people with disabilities and succeed and thrive on the job.

Panelists include:
  • Darren Bates (moderator), National Project Director for the National Employer Policy, Research and Technical Assistance Center for Employers on the Employment of People with Disabilities (Employer TA Center)

  • Jennifer Sheehy, Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy

  • Jill Houghton, Executive Director of the U.S. Business Leadership Network

  • Lori Golden, Abilities Strategy Leader, EY

HRCI Approved

This webinar is approved for one HR General recertification credit hour through the HR Certification Institute.

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