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Learn about the most recent disability employment news and information.


April 2014 EARN Newsletter
EARN Newsletter for April 18, 2014 Spotlight This month, EARN spotlights... STRATEGICALLY RECRUITING PEOPLE WITH AUTISM A growing number of ...
April 18 | News

Webinar: Moving Up the Ramp
"Opening the Doors of Small Business to People with Disabilities: Moving Up the Ramp" – Webinar April 11, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT This webin...
April 4 | eBlast

Celebrating Women with Disabilities: An Interview with Kathleen Martinez
As we wrap up Women’s History month, EARN continues to celebrate the history of women with disabilities and their incredible contributions t...
April 4 | Interviews

Self-ID forms; Join the NDEAM discussion
OFCCP Posts the Section 503 Self-Identification Form in Spanish and Word Formats In response to requests from contractors, OFCCP just posted...
March 28 | eBlast

News IconNews

Learn about the most recent disability employment news and information.

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Learn about webinars, conferences, trainings and other events.

Man in wheelchair



Marching Beyond Compliance
With increased government focus on diversity in the private sector, including veterans and individuals with disabilities, employers hav...
April 24 | Webinar

Opening the Doors of Small Business to People with Disabilities: Keeping the Doors Wide Open
  People with disabilities comprise the single largest minority group seeking employment in the U.S., yet they are significantly ...
April 22 | Webinar

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Read about employers' successful practices for outreach, recruitment, hiring, and accommodating workers with disabilities.

  • Aetna Logo

    At Aetna, every employee lives by a core set of values that put the people who use our services at the center of everything we do.
    More about Aetna

  • 3M Logo

    3M values its diverse workforce as a strong component for the growth of its business globally. They know that a diverse global workforce...
    More about 3M

  • Lockheed Martin Logo

    Some time ago, Frank Lombardi thought his career at Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC) was over. A progressively debilitating...
    More about Lockheed Martin

  • Microsoft Logo

    Microsoft has a long history of recruiting, hiring and retaining employees with disabilities. Microsoft believes...
    More about Microsoft

  • PepsiCo Logo

    Winning with diversity and inclusion is one of six guiding principles that uphold PepsiCo's commitment to delivering sustained growth...
    More about PepsiCo

  • AT&T Logo

    AT&T recognizes that diverse, talented, and dedicated people are critical to their success. They are a leader in...
    More about AT&T

  • CSC Logo

    CSC has a longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion, particularly in the area of employment of people with disabilities. Over 13 years ago...
    More about CSC

  • Deloitte Logo

    Deloitte LLP continually focuses on strengthening our inclusive environment. We work towards a shared mission...
    More about Deloitte

  • Northrop Grumman Logo

    As employers increase their outreach to job candidates and employees with disabilities as well as wounded and injured Veterans...
    More about Northrop Grumman

  • Qualcomm Logo

    Qualcomm's employees are their most valued asset. Their commitment to inclusion of all people, including veterans with disabilities, in equal access to opportunities starts...
    More about Qualcomm

  • Merck Logo - Video

    Leroy J. Wiltz, the Director of Graphic Services at MERCK, talks about realizing that he needed to do more...
    More about Merck

  • KPMG Logo - Video

    Dana Foote, Audit Partner at KPMG, talks about her own experience with disability...
    More about KPMG

  • Verizon Logo - Video

    Jeff Kramer, Executive Director of Public Policy and Strategic Operations for Verizon, talks about...
    More about Verizon

  • Best Buy Logo

    Founded in 1966, Best Buy, headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, started out as a stand-alone Sound of Music...
    More about Best Buy

  • Adecco Logo - Video

    William Rolack, Director of Global Marketplace Diversity and Inclusion for ADECCO, talks about the positive impact of diverse perspectives...
    More about Adecco

  • JPMorgan Chase Logo - Video

    Patricia David, Global Head of Diversity for JPMorgan Chase, talks about valuing employees as unique individuals...
    More about JPMorgan Chase

  • Ernst & Young Logo

    Student internships are a key recruitment strategy for Ernst & Young which are designed for...
    More about Ernst & Young

  • Metlife Logo

    Student internships are a significant part of MetLife's Global Talent Management program. MetLife has various internship programs...
    More about Metlife

  • U.S. Dept of Transportation Logo

    The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) created its Summer Transportation Internship Program...
    More about the USDOT

  • Prudential Logo

    Prudential Financial, Inc. has robust student internship opportunities in all business areas from insurance and financial services to...
    More about Prudential

  • NASA Logo

    As a part of an internship series NASA Goddard Space Center manages the Achieving Competence in Computing...
    More about NASA

  • Kirtland Logo

    Located in Albuquerque, NM, Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB) has been an important employment, defense and research powerhouse...
    More about Kirtland Air Force Base