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Employer Assistance & Resource Network: A service of The Viscardi Center.
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The Employer Assistance and Resource Network offers employers informational assistance, resources, and referrals in their efforts to recruit, hire, and retain qualified individuals with disabilities. This is a no-cost service and inquiries are confidential. You can receive technical assistance in the following ways:

  • Option 1: Complete the Online Technical Assistance Form below

  • Option 2: Call Us Toll-Free: 1-855-ASK-EARN (1-855-275-3276)

    • If a Specialist is unavailable when you call, please leave a detailed message with your first name and phone number, including area code. We will respond to your message within 2 business days. Please note: if you are calling from a phone that does not accept calls from blocked numbers, then we will be unable to return your call. Please call us back during standard business hours.
In cases where questions are complex, or when an ongoing relationship with EARN would be beneficial, in-depth consultation services may be offered. Employment Specialists can connect employers with EARN subject matter experts, who can provide more comprehensive and personalized support.

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